Our Aerospace Expertise

GT Industrial partners with a lot of players in the aerospace industry for over 30 years and hope to further grow our relationship in this industry. GT has a lot of experience in finishing of Aero Engine Components. Turbine components as blades, vanes and stators require a controlled surface quality to improve performance of the engines. The surface on the airfoils therefore must be finished to prevent vortex and maintain efficiency during the engine’s operation. This demand is required on aircraft engine as well as on stationary gas turbine engine components.

The materials used are usually Inconel, Titanium and Nickle Based alloys which are generally tough to machine perfectly and thus need surface finishing. Luckily, we have a lot of success in this area and approved processes.

One of our more notable projects was the Vertical Finishing of fan blades. We partner with various engine makers since the 2000s to design and manufacture a way to finish the fan blades in a shorter cycle time and more efficiently for the operators. The most recent fan blades to go through this process are the Trent XWBs, 1000s and 900s.

The typical finishing process is using a horizontal trough, which takes longer and more manpower to clamp and fixture the blades and load it, whereas the vertical process cuts down the manpower as the blades are easily slotted through the clamp and hydraulics lift it into the work bowl. With this seamless process, typical surface roughness is cut down from 1-2µ RA to 0.625µRA.

Fan Blades

  • Horizontal or Vertical Finishing
  • Able to achieve 1-2µRA to 0.625µRA
  • Short cycle time
  • Customizable size
  • Ease of operator use for Vertical Finishing
Multi Vanes and Vane Sectors

  • Finished in troughs or circular vibrators
  • Able to handle a wide variety of sizes
  • Customizable troughs to have separators so that vanes do not touch
Small Compressor Blades

  • Centrifugal Force Machine
  • 10 times driving force than normal Circular Vibrators
  • Short Cycle time
  • Achieveable surfaces requirements from 1 2 µRA to 0.4 µRA
  • Little to no chord width loss

  • High speed Circular Vibrator
  • 4500RPM with 1-2mm amplitude
  • Removable centre dome to mount Blisks
  • Multi-Vibrator with fixtures
  • Able to achieve very fine finishing of aerofoils in the range of 0 2 µRA
  • Magnetic clamp
VSV Stator Vanes