Model 40 vibratory machines are compact, yet have a capacity of around 11.36 litres and are equipped with amplitude adjustment, inlet and outlet ports for compound rinsing systems and heavy duty cross-linked 17-inch polyethylene bowl. This capacity includes both media and workpieces. The general rule of thumb is 30% part and 70% media. Noise reducing lids are standard. Able to use dry or wet media. Noise level is around 82db. This machine is able to deburr metal stamping and machined parts, descale metal casings, cutting the surface roughness of metal parts and polishing of metal and plastic parts.

Shipping weight is around 23.2kg; shipping volume is 0.14 cubic meters, and dimensions is 45.72 cm x 68.58 cm x 45.72 cm.

  • Adjusta-Vibe 40
  • Comes in 115V & 230V
  • Has a drain
  • Designed for heavy duty use to deburr or polish
  • Features adjustable amplitude Calibri (Body)
  • Rated Horsepower: 115v - 0.38 and 230v - 0.31
Delivered within 4 week


The working capacity of the Adjusta-Vibe 40 and 40SS is .35 cubic feet, or three gallons.

The working capacity of the model 75 is .75 cubic feet, or approximately 6 gallons.

This capacity includes both the media and the workpieces.

The general rule of thumb is 70% media and 30% parts.

Deburring metal stampings and machined parts.

Descaling metal castings.

Cutting radii on sharp edge of metal parts.

Polishing metal and plastic parts.

Part Number 23026R and 24114R
Motor 115v 60Hz 2.5 Amps 287W /// 230v 50Hz 1.0 Amps 220W
Best Use  Deburring metal castings
Unit Weight 51 lbs
Box Measurements 18” x 27” x 18”
Bowl Capacity Size .35 cubic feet
Bowl Diameter 17 inches
Bowl Height To Lid 7 Inches
Bowl Width To Shaft 4.25 Inches
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